Background of VAT Loans

Our parent company, WestWon Limited, has been trading since 2006; with its roots going back to 1976 with the acquisition of Power Leasing.




Years in business


UK based lenders


Years combined experience and counting…


Finance from £10k to £5m



VAT Loans is a division of WestWon Limited, a UK leasing and asset finance company with its history going back over 45 years. 

The History of VAT Loans Finance

Why choose us?

VAT Loans is a well-established provider of a range of loans in the form of VAT, Corporation Tax and Working Capital loans.

We have been able to help businesses with their finances over the past 40 years, however, with this new page dedicated to VAT Loans as well as other types of business loans available, we can help you with your specific loan needs.

We can finance business loans in the form of corporation tax, working capital, peer to peer, as well as professions loans, equipment loans, dilapidation loans and insurance loans.

If you should want to learn a bit more about us, our origin and experience please see our company facts below.

VAT Loans

We are a trading name of WestWon who celebrated 45 years of business in 2021. Before that, Power Leasing who were WestWon’s 2006 acquisition, was one of the longest established finance and leasing companies in the UK.

We have access to around 52 UK based lenders. We currently work with a range of companies including new starts, businesses with challenging credit and well-established companies.

Here at VAT Loans we can offer you and your business a range of loan types. So, from corporation tax and working capital, to dilapidation and insurance loans, we’ve got you covered.

We have a knowledgeable and friendly team working at VAT Loans who are dedicated to helping businesses with their finance needs. Between us all we have a combined experience of 362 years in leasing and asset finance.

As for compliance, we have an FCA Full Permission licence and a data protection licence through WestWon Limited. We are a trading name of WestWon Limited.

We have a purpose-built CRM database system with which we can provide portals for both our clients and partners. There is also a VAT Loans calculator available which can be found on our VAT Loans page.