Climate Positive

Climate Positive Charter

Corporate responsibility Charter

Our Corporate Responsibility Charter is our strategy on how we interact with all our stakeholders and the wider environment in a socially responsible way.

We are focused on reducing our Carbon Footprint. Some of the ideas we have implemented are:

  • Use of LED lighting throughout our buildings
  • Insulated ceiling tiles to reduce our energy consumption
  • Using an outsourced datacentre to house our IT systems in Helsinki powered by solar
  • Running a paperless office where possible
  • The introduction of electric cars for employee use

Climate Positive Charter

Here at VAT Loans we are making steps to become more environmentally responsible. We are doing this whereby WestWon Limited, our trading company, is teaming up with Ecologi, a company dedicated to reducing the levels of our planet’s carbon pollution.

There has been a lot of emphasis placed upon our current climate crisis – and quite rightfully so. Subsequently, it has driven us to making this a priority of ours. We have been a paperless company for nearly a decade now. We have LED lighting in all our offices and insulated ceiling tiles to reduce our energy consumption. But we think it’s time to step up our game. Therefore, we plan to plant a tree for every month of a lease agreement. This way, we can work together in achieving carbon neutrality for our planet.

In addition to this, we are joining Ecologi’s Climate Positive Workforce. This means every member of the WestWon Limited T/A VAT Loans team will become climate positive. This is done by all our carbon emissions being assessed, calculated, and then offset by the planting of the applicable number of trees until we are carbon neutral as a company.

Our green scheme will be advocated through the WestWon website, as well as their email newsletters, across our social media platforms and blog posts uploaded to their website with updates on the WestWon Woodland and any other contemporary environmental changes. Over at WestWon, they will also be sending out certificates to those they complete a lease agreement with, detailing our gratitude in helping combat global warming. They will also be doing a social media campaign for this. This involves the idea that if the company receiving the certificate posts it on LinkedIn tags us, WestWon will plant an extra 10 trees as a thank you.

Our goals

Our five-year goal from the 1st January 2022 to the 31st December 2026 is to:

  • Plant 100,000 trees
  • Remove 7,500 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere

Overall, we hope that we have proven how serious we take the current climate crisis our world is facing. We therefore hope it inspires you or your business to get involved and help make the environment a better place to live. You can view our climate positive page here. If you would like more information about the scheme, Ecologi, or any other information you see above, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phoning 01494 956 871 or emailing [email protected] and we will be in touch.