Loans to pay VAT

Loans to pay VAT

Here at VAT Loans we have loans to pay VAT that have pre-approval in minutes and a decision in 24 hours. No messing around here!

We went onto a VAT funding competitors’ website the other day, advertising “pre-approval in minutes.” I put in our company name, VAT funding needed, my name, email address and mobile phone number. I pressed “submit” only to see the second page asking me to upload my bank statements and management accounts.

However, all I wanted was to know:

What is the cost?

Will I get cleared for credit?

So lets stop this messing round. If you are looking for VAT funding and just want to know what the cost will be, use our VAT loan calculator. We will never know who you are because we do not ask for contact information.

So how do we get a VAT funding pre-approval in minutes?

All we need is your company name and the value of the VAT bill. Using company credit information, we will take a quick look at your business. This does NOT therefore leave a credit footprint; the credit check is done in total confidence.

We have been lending money for thirty years. Our team are trained in credit underwriting. Hence, we will give you a good idea as to whether we can arrange the VAT funding facility or not.

Looking for loans to pay VAT bills for the first time?

VAT funding is a massive business in the UK. There are multinational companies borrowing £10m for three months and business’s funding £5,000.00. The main reason why VAT funding has grown so much over the last few years is that we can fund all sorts of UK companies. However, historically, VAT funding was mostly being offered only to accountants, solicitors and architects.

Scaffolding, construction, engineering, distribution, IT, media, these are just some of the sectors that are using VAT funding on a regular basis. Please do not be put off if you are looking for funding for the first time. We will help guide you through the process, which is quick and simple

If you have used VAT funding in the past

In principle you will understand the process and know the documentation is therefore simple and easy to understand. The key thing is – from what our customers tell us – competitiveness, pricing and service delivery.

Please compare our repayment numbers to your incumbent provider. Therefore, we are confident that our VAT funding pricing is more competitive than most other companies offering a similar product.

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For more information on loans to pay VAT or for a free no obligation quote, please give a member of the VAT Loans team a call on 01494 956 871 or email us on [email protected].