Welcome to VAT Loans!

Welcome to VAT Loans!

Welcome to VAT Loans! Pleased to meet you. We are delighted to share the announcement of the launch of our new website with you.

Who are we?

You might have gathered from the name, but we are one of the very first companies dedicated specially to providing VAT loans for businesses across the UK.

We are a trading name of a larger UK based finance company called WestWon, with 45 years in the business. Therefore, we are confident that our expertise in the industry will provide you with a fast and seamless loan experience. Here at VAT loans, our main objective is to support businesses in the UK within their growth by improving the health of their cash flow, whilst also providing them with a sense of relief.

However, these aren’t the only perks, there are many more benefits to deciding to finance through us:

  • Quick finance. We pride ourselves on fast and efficient customer service here at VAT loans. So, we can give you a decision within 24 hours!
  • Competitive rates. Industry leading interest rates starting from 2.5%
  • Here to help. Turned away by mainstream banks? We have a 95% acceptance rate.
  • Customer care. We will provide you with a dedicated and friendly account manager to guide you through the process and deliver outstanding customer care.
  • Preserve lines of existing credit. No need to use up an existing bank facility.
  • Easy repayment schedule. Fixed monthly payments, allowing you budget better.

However, VAT loans aren’t all we have to offer, we also offer a range of beneficial business loans.

These include:

  • Corporation Tax loans
  • Working Capital loans
  • Peer to Peer lending
  • Professions loans
  • Equipment loans
  • Insurance loans
  • Dilapidation loans

Contact Us

For any questions on what we can offer to you and your business, you can head over to our contact page. Alternatively, give us a call on 01494 956 871, or drop an email to [email protected]. Last but certainly not least, welcome to VAT Loans!