VAT loans

How a VAT loan could help your business

As the whole country struggles with the cost-of-living crisis, you may be looking for ways to give your cash flow a little TLC. A great way to keep your cash flow in check is by getting a VAT loan for your business. But what exactly is a VAT loan and why should businesses get one? Let’s break it down.

What Is a VAT Loan?

A VAT loan is an advance payment of the amount that your small business owes in Value Added Tax. This type of loan provides businesses with immediate access to cash so that they can continue to operate until their usual tax payments come in. The benefits of taking out a VAT loan are numerous, as it allows businesses to maintain their cash flow while they wait for the expected funds to arrive.

Why Get a VAT Loan?

There are several reasons why VAT loans are becoming increasingly popular for businesses across the country. First and foremost, having access to immediate cash can help relieve the financial pressures that tax liability often causes businesses.

Additionally, payment is made directly to HMRC – saving you the hassle! And being acquiring your VAT loan through us there is no need to use up an existing bank facility either.
Our wide panel of funders enable smaller businesses who may not qualify for mainstream financing options still have access to cash-flow-reviving funds. So, if you have been turned down by your Highstreet bank, why not give us a call?

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Finding the right finance option to ensure your bills are paid on time can be a daunting task – until now! With our quick and easy VAT loans, you can reclaim control of your finances and free up cash to be used elsewhere in your business.

To get started quickly then make use of our FREE VAT loan calculator. Or simply call us at 01494 956 871 for a free, accurate, no obligation quote; it’s that easy! You also benefit from fixed repayment schedules with industry leading rates enabling peace-of-mind when dealing with financial deadlines. Get yours today and enjoy one less worry tomorrow…