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List of VAT Finance lenders UK

Throughout this blog I will be breaking down a list of VAT finance lenders across the UK. VAT finance is a specialist form of lending that companies in the UK use to fund quarterly HMRC VAT bills. Historically, it was mainly professions such as solicitors, accountants, and architects that would finance VAT. Today, all sorts […]

VAT Loans: A guide

Are you new to VAT loans? And perhaps would like to gain a better understanding on how they work before going any further? Then look no further. Have a read of the short guide below to find out everything you need to know about VAT Loans in just under 5 minutes. Can a UK company […]

Braemar Finance | VAT Loans

Despite Braemar Finance specialising in asset finance, they are one of our primary competitors in the provision of VAT Loans. Much like our relation to WestWon, Braemar Finance is part of a larger company- Close Brothers Plc. Close Brothers is a well established UK based merchant banking group. They are listed on the London Stock […]

6 Simple Steps Towards Overhead Relief

Are your overheads getting the better of you and your business? If yes, this blog might prove useful to you. Just follow the steps below for overhead relief. I will be listing 6 effective ways by which you can reduce your overheads and improve your cash flow. Firstly, you might be wondering what an overhead […]

VAT Funding for SME’s

Throughout this blog we will explore some of the key questions that we get asked about VAT loans. Here at VAT Loans we like to make everything as clear as possible. VAT funding is often utilised by small to medium sized businesses to keep cash flow healthy and allow them to utilise working capital in […]

How does a VAT loan work?

Often when a company contacts us about a VAT loan, it’s often a new product to them. This means we’re often asked ‘How does a VAT loan work?’. Our latest blog outlines in simple terms what a VAT loan is, how it works, and why companies use VAT loans.   What is a VAT loan? […]

Why finance companies lend for VAT/Corporation Tax funding

VAT and Corporation Tax funding VAT and Corporation tax funding is fundamental for many businesses. This is why finance companies, the lenders really like this business. The loans are short term. Most last three or six months for VAT and up to one year for Corporation Tax. Historically, the covenant of the underlying customer has […]