VAT Loans For Professionals

VAT Loans For Professionals

As a business owner expenses come from all different directions, including your VAT bill. VAT returns are every 3 months where you submit a VAT return to HM Revenue and Customs. It is compulsory to do so, even if your business has no VAT to pay or reclaim.

If your company is struggling to pay your VAT bill on time, due to unpaid invoices by customers, we can help you. Your VAT bill will be spread across 3 monthly payments, making it more manageable whilst your collecting business from your customers.

What are the benefits of VAT loans for Professionals?

Bridging the gap – Taking out a VAT loan will ensure that you are able to pay your bill. Within any businesses unexpected fees do arise, and usually take priority. Therefore, taking out a VAT loan will take you and your business out of a sticky situation. Having this short-term loan can be the resolution of keeping your business cashflow looking healthy.

Peace of mind – VAT loans help you plan your business finances and can take of the strain.

Hassle free – When taking out a VAT Loan the payments are made directly to HMRC. The payment is made very quick and efficiently and doesn’t require you to do anything once the approval has been made by the funders.

Saving working capital – Getting a VAT loan enables your business to retain working capital for other business opportunities. For example, you maybe recruiting a new member of the team and they need to attend external training programmes. You can invest that money in your employees and use the VAT loan to cover the quarterly bill.

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