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Despite Braemar Finance specialising in asset finance, they are one of our primary competitors in the provision of VAT Loans. Much like our relation to WestWon, Braemar Finance is part of a larger company- Close Brothers Plc. Close Brothers is a well established UK based merchant banking group. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange and are even a member of the FTSE 250. Close Brothers was established in 1992. They then acquired Braemar Finance in 2000. Managing Director, Aileen Boyle, played a key part in making this a smooth transition.

However, different to us, Braemar Finance provides finance solutions to both businesses as well as individuals. Their finance options include: Business Loans, Personal Loans, Tax Loans, VAT Loans, Hire Purchase, Leasing and Consolidation and refinancing loans. Additionally, Close Brothers have a selection of subsidiaries that offer a range of financial support to both businesses and individuals. These include: wealth management, savings, securities, customer finance and asset finance.


Healthy competition

Competition is always healthy for businesses. It empowers businesses to strive to their greatest potential. This is also a positive thing for the consumer. It allows them choice, as well as being provided with better quality customer service and competitive pricing.

Braemar Finance is also a big competitor for our parent company WestWon’s dental division. They also specialise in providing finance for optical, accountancy, pharmaceutical, veterinary, legal, medical, and memorial sectors.

Obviously, our job is not to endorse our competition. However, we have a strong company ethos of never speaking negatively of those companies kindred to us, like Braemar Finance. And we do believe in giving praise where it is due! This is why we wish Braemar Finance the very best in all their endeavours in the future. We hope to see much more of them in the years to come and wish to keep them as a strong competitor of ours for many more.


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